About The Club

Barber’s Club represents luxury and relaxation in a business that is often known for express service at a low quality.

Created in 2014, Barber’s Club brings a social club setting to the grooming business of barbering.

When you enter Barber’s Club you will be greeted and be made to feel at home.

Once you are in the barber’s chair, you will receive the detailed grooming experience of your life.

Along with a list of services that grooms the head and face, Barber’s Club also provides other service such as manicure (coming soon), pedicure (coming soon) and massage (coming soon).

Other amenities that make this a special and unique place are our Refreshments, Vapes (coming soon), Hookah (coming soon) and Cigars (coming soon).

For our business clients we offer printing for documents and Notary.

Our events such as Poker Night and Chess Night are a couple of things that brings Barber’s Club members together.

More about being a member.