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We want to save you money!
(Memberships are only issued in store at this time)
One way to save money at Barber's Club is to participate in our membership.
When you become a member at our barbershop you will receive discounts and privileges on a monthly basis that non-members will not.

Premium Membership

• No monthly fee

• 15% discount on premium services packages

• $3 off on A La Carte service purchases

• 10% off all product purchases

• Direct Booking


FAQ about Memberships

What is a Membership?

Each time you visit Barber’s Club you pay for a particular service or services. Clients often purchase products on an as needed basis during these visits as well. As clients visit Barber’s Club on a consistent basis they become what are commonly known as Regular Clients.

In an effort to show continuous appreciation for the clients, Barber’s Club will agree to give a discounted rate on services and product purchases to all who commit to being a Regular Client. This (COMMITMENT AGREEMENT) is further known as a Barber’s Club Membership.

What is a Club Membership?

As a Club Member, pay a monthly fee and receive a discount on a la carte services (see A la carte Services) and product purchases. (Discounts may vary in order to improve membership packages)

What is a Premium Membership?

As a Premium Member, pay for current and future Premier Services in a lump sum payment and receive a discount on each service with no monthly fee. Premium Memberships are issued on a 3,6 and 12 month basis. (See Barber’s Club Packages)


This membership also gives A la carte and product purchases at a discounted rate.

How are Premium Membership calculated?

Premium membership takes into account that a client will visit the club on a consistent basis for a specific amount of months. As most clients visit the barbershop on a weekly or bi-weekly basis it is predictable for a client to assume a certain amount of visits each month and in upcoming months. Therefore, Barber’s Club equates months to visits.  Based on this prediction a client will pay for current and future visits in upcoming months according to the following format.

  • In a 52 week calendar year, a weekly client can predict visiting the club 52x.

  • In a 52 week calendar year, a bi-weekly client can predict visiting the club 26x.

  • Using this method of assuming visits to the club, Premium Membership calculates the total price one would spend on visits in a period of time and discounts this price for a lump sum payment prior to these visits.

Why 7 or more visits qualifies you for Premium Membership?

At minimum to be a Premium Member a client must visit the club on a biweekly basis for a period of 3 months. Using our method of equating months to visits, a biweekly client will average 7 visits in a 3 month period.

Will I lose my visits if I don't use them?

A client will not lose their visits if they do not use them in the predicted time.

However, membership may be discontinued to a client if there are consistent laps in time that a client has not used their prepaid visits.

Who chooses Premium Membership terms?

It is the client's option to select how long they want to be a member 3, 6 or 12 months.

Can I share my prepaid visits with others?

Yes, you are able to share your prepaid visits with others.

What is Direct Booking?

While non-members will have to book and prepay for their services on-line, members of Barber’s Club will have the privilege of contacting their barber direct to book their appointments. (slots are subject to availability)

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